About Us

VICA Technologies LLC is a renewable energy company. Renewable energy
using biomass is the center piece of the company’s sustainable energy
programs. The Company designs, constructs, builds, and operates renewable
energy plants, specializing in renewable energy from municipal
solid waste and agricultural waste. Our goal is to provide Biomass Energy for
Sustainable Economic, Social, and Environmental Development.

VICA Technologies LLC consists of an innovative team of professionals that
are dedicated to providing cost-effective energy solutions, striving for maximum
energy output with minimum environmental problems. The team of
professionals has combined experience of over 100 years in the
field of biomass energy.

VICA also provides computer training on a wide range of options for
individuals, corporations and government institutions. Both short and long term
Information Technology (IT) training and Certifications are offered. VICA
combines innovation with vision in delivering quality education that
enables clients to acquire full range of technology knowledge.
Our Vision

  • Aspires to become a Leader in
    the development and
    management of profitable
    renewable energy (RE) projects
    which simultaneously advance
    human civilization and improve
    our environment.

  • To develop projects and provide
    services in partnership with
    developing countries to establish
    sustainable RE projects in West
    Africa and the rest of the world.

  • To provide a quality computer
    education to individuals and
    corporations in a friendly
    supportive environment using the
    best instructors, qualified
    personnel and state-of-art facility.
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