VICA Energy Complex Overall Process Flow
A very important aspect, which must be taken into account in the design of thermal waste processing facilities,
is that the data regarding the quantity and composition of the wastes, taken as the initial design data, may
change significantly and may fluctuate during the operating period.  These circumstances raise the
requirement at the design stage for provision of sufficient flexibility of the technological processing system and
its equipment makeup to compensate for the possible variations in the quantity and composition of the wastes
to be processed.  At the same time all regulatory requirements for protection of the surrounding environment
must be fully satisfied.  The above considerations were included in the basis of the design of the ENERGY

The Complex has no liquid discharge, no sludge and no solid waste to dispose of in a landfill.  All waste
entering the facility is converted to useful commercial product. The technology converts 100% of the waste into
useful product leaving no residue to be buried in landfills.  Waste is converted to steam, electricity, vitrified
building products and other commercial commodities, depending on local market needs and on the
composition of the waste  

The stack gas emissions  complies with European regulations namely “EC Directive 76/2000” and US EPA
standards.  The Process is enclosed in a building so as to prevent the escape of odors or dust.  Combustion
air for the gas turbines is drawn from the waste storage area so as to maintain sub-ambient (negative)
pressure thereby destroying any odor or fumes from originating from the waste. The noise level is 75 decibels
or less at the property line.
Rendering (left) and Photograph of IGCC Plants Using Siemens Gas Turbines
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